8HP adjustable launch control with xHP


Oct 18, 2016
An update has been posted teasing adjustable launch control for RWD and AWD

Through the next weeks we will be adding a lot of Custom Functions to xHP for 8-Speed cars and one of those will be the long awaited adjustable LAUNCH CONTROL!

We cracked the logic and are now able to control launch torque and traction management on RWD and AWD cars. Our own 335i F31 xDrive already puts down some pretty amazing numbers from 0-60 with the tweaked LC. More Details, data and footage soon to be released!

Also there were a lot of Maps added over the last weeks, including the following:

- Release of B58/8HP50 Maps (M140i, M240i, 340i, 440i)
- Added Maps for early 535d F10 299 HP
- Added Maps for late X3 E83 3.0d and 3.0sd (HW7591972)
- Added Maps for late X5 E53 3.0d 218 HP (HW 7557063)
- Added Maps for early 328i E9x with ZF Auto (HW7566894, no support for GM Transmission)
- Added Maps for 323i E9x cars (HW 7562375)
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