Ad: *AEUROPLUG Presents * 07-10 E92 Pre-LCI Amuse Style Front Bumper


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Oct 26, 2017
Chino, CA
Hello All,

We are new to the forum. We , Aeuroplug are based in Southern California. Our company specialize in OE Fiment / OE Quality BMW aftermarket Body kit and Carbon Fiber Accessories. We might be new to the forum but definitely not new to this industry. We have been in auto accessories business for the past 12 years. Products for BMW platform is what focus on.

We strongly believe quality over quantity. Each product strictly go through our quality control department to ensure customers are only getting the best quality pieces from our factory .

We do not cut corners and cheap out on the materials to produce a more "affordable" part. We only use the strongest / more durable material and hire the best experienced workers in the industry to make our parts. We priced our products very fairly based on our cost and labors.

By buying from Aeuroplug , you're guarantee getting the best value for your money. Look no further, we are proud to say that no one can beat us on the consistent quality.

Our 35000 sq/ft facility is located in Chino, CA . Local customer is welcome for will call pick up to save on Shipping.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or inquiry!

Today , we are introducing the Amuse Style Front bumper for 2007-2010 E92 3 series Model. The bumper is made out of Polypropylene which is similar material as your OEM Bumper. Fitment is 100% spot on without any modification to our bumpers. The best part about our Amuse Style Bumper is each order comes with FREE Carbon Fiber Splitter .

Our Webstore Retail price is $715.00
Spoolstreet Member Price is $645 Shipped anywhere in the lower 48 states

* Limited time only *

We also offer Shipping to Canadian Customers . Shipping is range from $300- $400 for Door to Door service.

Please feel free to PM us if you have any questions!





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Oct 26, 2017
Chino, CA
Do you paint?
We can arrange painting service for local ca customer but no plan to offer paint service to out of state customers due to it's extremely hard to paint match without the car being here.

Bumper looks great. What about the headlight washer assembly? Do you have to code that out?
If customer has the factory headlight option, they can retrofit the headlight washer option on our bumper or do a washer delete, depends if you want to remove the complete assembly or just have them sit behind the bumper. By removing the complete assembly might need to code out the error light.
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Nov 17, 2016
Henderson, NV
Awesome bringing this to the pre lci guys. Most aggressive bumper available and my absolute favorite. A few more high speed rock chips :eek: :mad: :disrelieved: and my existing bumper will need to be replaced with this beaut.
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