B58 Madness!!


Mar 14, 2017
After driving the A90 Supra with our top mount kit I immediately fell in love. The A90 is a freaking monster with the EFR turbo. We put a 9180 which is rated at 1000hp. We have maxed out the fuel system so it's getting worked on for a solution. Originally I thought it was going to be extremely laggy but this fucker is a monster. Boost comes on so strong I had to double check to make sure I had the right turbo installed. After checking sure as shit it was the 9180 installed. Raced an N54 with a DOC PTE6266BB and the 9180 spools WAAAAY faster! The 9180 is comparable to the PTE6870. I owned a PTE6870 and I can tell you we're talking at least 1500rpm difference. I loved the setup and feel so much I had to make sure other B58 owners could experience this. We are now in development of an EFR top mount turbo kit for the BMW B58 F chassis! We are going to list these at or around $5000.



Oct 18, 2016
I only know of one person with a 9180 N54, Jesse Burrell.

I heard fueling on the B58 is about to get a lot better.

Hopefully you'll post back here with some photos of the new BMW setup!
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