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Jun 4, 2018
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The first generation BMW F8X M3/M4 Öhlins DFV Road and Track suspension kit (BMS MP40) was a fantastic dual street/track kit. Unfortunately, this kit could not be lowered much beyond the factory ride height. Öhlins addressed the ride height issues by releasing a new kit rendering the old BMS MP40 kit obsolete. 3DM Motorsport saw this as an opportunity to take the remaining (BMS MP40) kits and modify them to fix the ride height issue and at the same time focus the kit to be more of a daily driver setup. We are calling this limited production run our BMW F8X M3/M4 “Road Sport” suspension kit and offering them at a greatly reduced price.

3DM Motorsport Part Number: 3DM-P-1129-Basic
Sale Price: $2330.00 (Original MSRP w/Swift Spring Upgrade: $3330.00)
This is the basic Road Sport kit out of the box and un-assembled. This kits is designed to use the OEM mounts. Depending on your application, you may need special tools such as a spring compressor to dismantle your old suspension if you intend to reuse the original OEM mounts. You will need to be fairly mechanical savvy to install this kit, otherwise we recommend a professional shop perform the install and setup.

Kit Includes:

  • Front struts with lower and upper spring perches
  • Rear dampers
  • Front/Rear Swift springs
  • Rear height adjuster
  • Height adjuster wrenches
  • Mounting instructions
  • Öhlins sticker and plaque book
3DM Motorsport Part Number: 3DM-P-1129-RTR
Sale Price: $3130.00 (Original MSRP w/ Swift Spring Upgrade: $4130.00)

This kit includes all the items from the Basic Kit above. In addition, 3DM pre-assembles this kit with OEM mounts so they are ready to bolt up to your car out of the box. This removes the need to research and source all the pieces yourself. It also reduces the risk of getting caught mid install with an incorrect part. This kit uses the updated 5 bolt front top mount. Early F8X cars came with 3 bolt top mounts. This kit will bolt directly up to both early and later F8X cars.

In most cases, basic hand tools are all that are needed to install these kits. There should be no need for complicated special tools such as a spring compressor. Every DIY mechanic operates at a different pace but with these kits you will likely cut install time in less than half over a basic kit.

If you are having your favorite shop perform the install, the RTR kits will save you labor costs as well, offsetting the extra cost of the new mounts and hardware. We recommend letting your shop know this setup comes pre-assembled so they can adjust their labor estimate accordingly. (select basic or RTR kit)
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