E85 is Back in Philly!

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Jan 7, 2017
Apparently there’s a new Wawa on Roosevelt Ave in NE Philly selling E85. I’ll check it out this week.

12004 E Roosevelt Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19126

This guy is a hoot!


Jan 7, 2017
Investigated and confirmed!

I had about 11 gallons of E10 Shell 93 in the tank and filled up the rest of the way (5.9 gallons) with Wawa E85 ($2.59/gal; the picture below is before I filled up).

After filling and monitoring E% in MHD FlexFuel the E% jumped initially from 10% to 42% and then settled down over 10 minutes to 34%. Apparently because ethanol is denser than gasoline the E85 initially sinks below the gas in the tank before mixing, so it gets picked up first by the fuel pump. Eventually it settled down to 34%, so my mass balance calculations tell me that the Wawa E85 today was actually about 75% ethanol.


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Nov 7, 2016
Nice, good find! Hopefully more Wawa in our area start offering it that would be great. And at least it's closer to the higher end of the range, that pump could have only had E51. Good thing we have real flex fuel :)
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