E92 335i OEM M3 Conversion.


Nov 6, 2016
Corvettes will always be a great bang for your buck, higher class car. I don’t know that the vette, Supra, and BMWs compete with one another. IMO, the Supra will absolutely become a huge market. Just having the history of the name will be enough. Not to mention the car already has the backing of people like Steph Papadakis. It will blow us out of the water in no time at all.
I agree I don't think many will cross shop but I would. 10k more gets you a proper car you can take to the track will hold resale value, and has a better chance of high HP, I guess that is why I bring it up.

I guess the one thing going for the zupra is turbo kits are going to cost nothing. Cast manifold for 500. Pick your turbo. Rest is just piping. Sub 4k turbo kits for 800+ whp incoming.

I think if it had the s55/s58 it would have more 'legs' if you will for how long it will be popular and for HP. The S55 is a much better engine than the b58 in my opinion. A proper M motor. But I guess that is why it is in an M and not a zupra.

My buddy has a decently modified supra. He has zero and I mean zero interest in the zupra. Other than the name it's really a BMW with bmw written all under the hood, interior, etc. Lots of fake vents and non functional looks only parts on it.

I hope you are right and I am wrong on the zupra but I still think it will flare out quickly. Toyota could have done sooo much with a new supra instead we all got this cluster mish mash bmw/Toyota but mainly a BMW hybrid.

Edit: the 2 seater market is probably the smallest market segment so there will be a lot less b58 supras sold than say n54 or n55 powered cars. Smaller aftermarket. With the current unique headerfold it makes it a small market for the semi unique b58. Z4s never sold in high numbers. Corvette is also a 2 seater within 10k msrp. This whole post is massively off topic but I feel like the thread already reached the end of its usefulness.
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