F1X N55 Tuning Woes


Nov 26, 2019
So I've been tuning N54's for a few years now and finally got around to trying to tune my brother in laws F10 535 PWG. For some reason, I just cant get boost above 10 psi and the log overall is just messy. I've changed basically all the basics and nannies that I could think of. Feel free to look at the bin and corresponding xdf for his software version.

I've used the JB4 BEF as the base and tweaked the boost maps. Don't worry, load ceiling (super knock) will be changed as that was just a tester.

Whats interesting is that Tq Lim 1/2/3 spike up to 1048576 and drop down to 1 throughout the entire pull.

Also 70% WGDC @ 9 PSI actual (10 PSI target) near redline? He's got catless downpipes and a simple BMS intake installed.



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