Ad: VTT Group Buy: Plazmaman Forward Facing N54 Manifold

Oct 24, 2016
Scottsdale, AZ
VTT is proud to announce we are the exclusive distributor for the exciting Plazmaman N54 intake manifold. The manifold is a clean sheet design from a company that innovates in design, performance, and implementation.

The Group buy will be for the first 10, and the intro group-buy pricing will be $1600 for the manifold, fuel rail, and hardware only. First come, first served. A few different options are available, including sourcing with US made injectors for a complete system -all info is up on the website. We expect the first 10 to be available in 4-5 weeks.

The manifold can be ordered several ways, so please read the options below carefully.

Configuration 1 - Manifold, and hardware only: $1750.00. In this configuration, you either run DI only. or supply your own fuel rail, injectors, controller, etc

configuration 2 - Manifold Fuel Rail, and hardware: $1950. In this configuration, you supply our own injectors, and controller.

Add ons at an additional cost include: Injector controller, burst panel (Extra lead time applicable), power coating (extra lead time applicable), -6 or -8 fittings, VTT Injector blanks for people running DI only.

Taken from the Plazaman website:

The engineers here at Plazmaman Australia headquarters had only one thing in mind when they designed the BMW N54 Inlet manifold – to release a premium quality item that ticks all the boxes. Plazmaman inlet manifolds utilize some of the most advanced manufacturing techniques. Multi-axis HAAS CNC machines ensure that all the one piece billet bases have tolerances to within .005. The inlet manifold dome utilizes a hard temper 3mm sheet alloy surface that has been made to shape in-house with advanced forming techniques.

Our BMW Intake manifold is designed as a standalone manifold, this manifold is bolted directly to the cylinder head, also using the Factory OEM DBW throttle body operation to maximize airflow.

As with all Plazmaman inlet manifolds, these are packed with many features such as:

  • Ram tube style lead-in edge
  • 6061 T65 Aluminium
  • Additional Injector option fuel rail
  • O-ring port seal design
  • Precision CNC machined billet base, with hand made 3mm smooth design plenum dome
  • Professionally Tig welded in house by our highly experienced fabricators
  • Ergonomic appeal and lifetime structural guarantee
She's a beauty!







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Mar 12, 2018
There is an option for the adaptronics ecu on your site, is this active or just a preview? Also, will this work with the older types of PI plates? I have a MOTIV kit