What is the next upgrade?


Jan 9, 2018
Just North of Detroit
I am looking at options for my next upgrade. I have a 2011 335is DCT with 65K on it. Bought it stock at 55K and have done the following.

2011 335is MHD Stage 2+
/ VRSF kittyless DP's
/ Synapse BOV and charge pipe
/ Stage 2 bucketless
/ Motive Flex Fuel
/ Vwetish Diff Brace
/PR coils

I'm not rich, and have been doing what I can, when I can. The car performs great but I am always looking for the next mod to improve it.
Can you guys help me decide what I should be upgrading next? I was considering PSP outlets but I don't know how much they would help with stock Turbos.


Feb 25, 2019
I have a Quote from BQ, just need to pull the trigger. I like to do my own work except DCT work, and I am a little scared of Inlets after reading multiple installs.
That being said, I might still attempt it.
If you have no other reason to be in there, i say just do the custom tune first and then inlets/outlets and update the tune after.

I also like instant gratification so...
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Nov 6, 2016
Given the cost, inlets, outlets, and then a custom tune. Should add a significant amount under the curve and under $700 if you do the work yourself.

Inlets and outlets are a PITA to install but the gains are without question. I really like the PSP and RB outlets. The rest are...well trash IMO.

I would also go passenger side inlets. The long front pipe is not ideal. You even see vendors who sell the driver's side inlets use a passenger side inlet on the front turbo on their cars. There is also a larger delta between the front and rear driver's side inlet's vs. the passenger side. So the math says the front turbo has to work harder.

The passenger side inlets are also nice because they look a lot cleaner in the engine bay and you don't have the driver's side air filters flopping around. Also, shorter distance and basically equal delta of flow between front and rear turbos so both turbos should be working equally.
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Jun 27, 2017
Non-power related mods:
  • Aftermarket short-shift kit and/or new shift knob
  • aftermarket steering wheel
  • radar detector and/or dashcam
  • coilovers
  • m3 control/trailing arms, tension rods, etc.
  • LSD
  • some grippy tires
  • upgraded oil cooler
  • m3 cowl
Also, if you're getting a custom tune I'd advise getting a 3.5/4bar map sensor so you can run more than 21psi reliably.


Oct 28, 2017
Monroe CT
I didnt bother until upgrading turbos but some so just so they don't tilt sensor if using neth or e85 and going nuts in midrange then it is good Insurance otherwise I believe you can read 22 psi just very inaccurate past 20


Jan 9, 2018
Just North of Detroit
I have not considered relocated inlets but I will now.

@tisdrew, this thread was intended for performance mods, not cosmetic but thank you. Also this is a DCT IS.

Regarding the 3.5 Bar sensor, I already have one installed because I got it on the cheap in anticipation of upgrading the turbos in a couple years.

@Rob09msport, can you elaborate on your comment? I am running Flex fuel maps

@fmorelli so you think just get the BQ tune, and each time I do an upgrade, have it re-tuned?


Feb 25, 2019
Also, I am guessing if I do the relocation inlets I cannot do the upgraded outlets?

And who make a good re-location kit?
Regardless of inlet choice you can do outlets. I am beyond pleased with my PSP intercooler, i'd recommend his for outlets as im sure the quality is the same.

I feel like unless you spend big money on inlets(RB, PR, TFT) you should stick to tried and true, i've been recommended VRSF metal inlets more than once and despite not holding them in my hand, I feel like thats the way i'll go for myself when its time.
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Brigadier General
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Aug 11, 2017
To me, drawing dirty engine compartment air, in the vicinity of the turbos seems a dubious improvement at best. Can anyone explain why this is a good thing? Heck, a better thing?

Thanks, Filippo

p.s. On the tune, re-tune, etc. With stock turbos I'm wondering if you have any benefit from these other changes being explored, beyond just throwing parts at the car. I think a custom tune focused on what you have will yield the most benefit. I've spent another car's worth of money in my car, so I guess $100 is not the decision-making factor for me, so I can't really answer that part of it.


Dec 26, 2017
Also, I am guessing if I do the relocation inlets I cannot do the upgraded outlets?

And who make a good re-location kit?
I wouldn't bother wasting money on outlets when you have stock turbos. That has been stated plenty of times by plenty of people on this forum. I ran the OEM outlets with a set of Classic RB turbos and still did a 11.28s run. If you go larger turbos later on than that is the time to consider larger outlets as you will gain a benefit.
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Feb 25, 2018
I have these on my car for a year now, i love them and i love the sound also, definitely not as claimed for the gaining HP (60HP)but you will feel the difference in response and high RPM.
I also added VRSF outlets couple of months ago, running almost the same setup as yours (except for a 7" intercooler) and i noticed a slightly faster spool, maybe that's just me!
Have you thought about adding catch cans? RB turbo external PCV?
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