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Jan 31, 2017
Tried using ALDLdroid to edit a flex fuel bin and it will load some tables incorrectly. Reached out to the app developer and it apparently has to do with the hex address for the tables having the same unique ID.

Does anyone know if there is a problem with changing the unique IDs? I've reached out to jyamona but thought about posting in here in case it's an "easy" fix.


Platinum Vendor
Nov 7, 2016
You should be able to change them without issue. They were duplicated due to copy / paste in the XDF for FF rather than manually adding each table via the TunerPro UI which can be painfully slow.


Jan 31, 2017
hey @Nosrok. would you mind sharing how to get this up and running? this would be great for quick changes at the track.

make a back up
open the xdf using some kind of text editor - Word/word pad/note pad/whatever
find the table that you want to edit in ALDLdroid but isn't coming up
find the uniqueid for the table, it's right before the name of the table - <XDFTABLE uniqueid="0x55E6" flags="0x30"> it will look like this
change uniqueid - For example - timing spool and timing spool E85 both use the ID 0x55E6 - I increased whatever the last number in the chain by 1 so the new id would be 0x55E7 <XDFTABLE uniqueid="0x55E7" flags="0x30">
if it was a letter i would do the same - 0x55EA would turn into 0x55EB

You'll have to repeat the process on every table you want to edit but isn't working in the app. The search function will be your friend.

I'm not a programer but took some classes in HS/College and understand just enough to know It's really easy to mess something up, that's the point of making a backup to begin with, be extra careful and cautious when making any changes and if you think you made a mistake or deleted something refer to the original.

Once it's up and running it's really helpful for tweaks and adjustments at the track.
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