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(sorry this site wouldn't let me post the whole message in 1) ...If I hook it up to the car I still only get the same options and it doesn't seem to connect either, do I need to install on an XP or is there a download version for win10...thanks in advance
My issue is after I selected > "Transmission" , how do you know what type of gearbox to choose after this option ...I thought it would be ZF or GM or something similar, but instead i only get two options ..."GS8.xx" or "DXC" for gearbox types my car has the E83 engine with a "ZF 6HP21X" so I first chose "F7", then "transmission" but after that i am totally lost.
2008 X3 SE 2.0 SE auto (ZF-6HP21X) Hi. I was told your a bit of a guru when it comes to INPA etc, So hope full you can guide me in the right direction if you get the time I'd be greatfull, I installed and ran INPA on my win 10 Laptop ver 5.0.6 using WinXP Compatablilty on the installs within my home in order to familiarise myself with the menus.
Love your mods , you gave me som ideas what to do with mine full loaded 09 x5 d35.
The only thing that dont work on my car ( to my children sorrow ) are the rear seat dvd player . I sendt it to get fixed and was robbed for 450 USD for it and still dont work .
So my question are how much for the complete DVD kit ?
Regards from Norway
Planning refresh on some front suspension bits: the new Turner Monoball Thrust Arms for the E90 xi, new tie rods, UUC Front Sway Bar.
Contemplating which ST kit to go with...leaning towards bottom mount in hopes of passing visual here in Comifornia
switch (lovesBMWs)
case true:
return "Join SpoolStreet!";
return "U R Dumb...";
Did this fix (disconnecting DME from alternator) work? I am also at my wits end. I have spent a shit-load of $$ on my car only to have it break up when it down-shifts ant at high RPM. I'm about to get rid of the car it's so annoying, Thanks!
Found this group, and without stoking flames about turbo vs NA, I view the E90 330i as the best handling and competitive street car of the bunch, in an SCCA Street trim.
The lighter weight with same stock suspension fittings and componentry give the advantage right out of the box, based on its S package' front swaybar, car's lighter weight, + adding the monstrous 23.6mm rear bar from the E93 M convertible.